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Beyonce and Michelle Obama

Downtown Magazine cover story Fall 2011. A look at Beyonce and the first lady’s involvement in the fight against childhood obesity.

hamm[1]Jon Hamm NY Daily News Profile

Spoke to Don Draper about his role in Million Dollar Arm for the News. He was as suave as you’d imagine. Which is very suave.

Future Army

Stuff magazine 2002. An inside peek at the Army’s super cool Future Warrior program.


Stuff Magazine 1998. I get my butt kicked fighting in the now illegal Toughman competition.

Rodeo Clown

Stuff Magazine 2000. I get tossed around by a bull at the Professional Bull Riding Tour.


Stuff Magazine, 1998. In the first of my Danger Matt stories I got put through the wringer at WCW pro wrestling school in Atlanta.



Star trek coverStar Trek Special Issue

Pegged to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness I wrote a preview of that film and worked on several features celebrating the history of the beloved franchise. Boldly, of course.

Amy Sedaris Interview

Star Magazine, she was a delight!

Star Entertainment Opener: Suburbia and Project Runway

Here’s a recent example of what I do every week.

Star Entertainment Opener: The Voice

And another.

Ice T and Coco

Second time I interviewed the loving couple. Love this shot!

realjbMillion Dollar Dream

The real story of sports agent JB Bernstein who was the inspiration for the movie Million Dollar Arm, for the NY Daily News.

 Ladies in Action!

Good example of how I approach movie previews / roundups.

It’s a Jersey Thing

As a resident of Jersey City, who  has to deal with Snookie and JWoww filming in my town,  I don’t know whether to be flattered or annoyed that the state I live in is now the world capital of reality star assholes.

Helmut Lang Digital Fashion

This is my first freelance article, I wrote it for Photo District News  when I was in grad school in 1998. It was the advent of digital cameras. Oh what an amazing time!

Dave Grohl Profile

 Profile on the Foo Fighters / Nirvana legend I did for Ramp. The byline is Paul Falzon which I did in memory of my awesome grandfather. Stay gold grandpa!

High Def TV

Story for Direct TV Magazine on how celebs are dealing with getting so exposed on high def. FYI, Kathy Griffin is really not good looking.


Back in my Danger Matt days I spent three days with these guys. The idea at first was for me to be a roadie, but that didn’t quite work out. It was pretty cool when I hung out with the drummer (AKA Number 1) at a bar and a bunch of their fans came in. Of course they couldn’t recognize him because he wasn’t wearing his death mask.

Adrian Grenier Profile

I chatted with the Entourage star about his work with and environmental issues for My Ford Magazine.

Lisa Loeb Single Girl

So a bunch of years ago when Lisa Loeb  – the singer of the whiney yet catchy Reality Bites era wacky girl song Stay –  had a reality show where she tried to meet Mr. Right. What she didn’t know when I interviewed her was that my buddy Dan was one of the guys she dated on the show and the only reason I was doing a story about it was to hook up by buddy. What I didn’t know was that another friend of mine Allen also dated her on the show! Of course I had to include pics of them both.

Crime Family

Here’s a story I did for Ramp about a messed up family of three generations of criminals in the Pacific Northwest.

 Sugar Shane Mosley

I hung out with the champion boxer at Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn for Stuff. He was like a god to the guys who were training there.

How To Crash The World Series

This was the first feature I ever did for Stuff. It’s chock full of useful tips and methods to sneak into a major sporting event. Fight the Power!

Truckers Social Net

Here’s a cover Story I wrote for International Trail on truckers use of social media. My dreams of journalism were finally realized!

tivo1Two for TIVO The two guys who created TIVO dropped some knowledge on me for Men’s Fitness.

gagacoverLady Gaga Special Issue

Edited this special issue about the Mother Monster’s tour. You can tell because I just used some inside slang for what the singer’s fans call her.

elviscoverElvis Pressly Special Issue

Wrote a couple of feature stories on the King and edited a bit more. It was on newsstands but will also be at Graceland for the foreseeable future.

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