Celeb Interviews

Olivia Munn

The striking star of The Newsroom, The Daily Show, Attack of The Show and The Babymakers was very appreciative when she found out Star named her as having the best beach body. How appreciative? She said that it was cool!


Finally, you can find out how the pop star broke her toe and who’s her fave Grey’s Anatomy doc! Yes this was in 2007.

Guy Fieri

One of the coolest celebrities I’ve ever met. After interviewing him for the first time I ran into him at a Food Network party and we did a bunch of shots together. When my wife went out to San Francisco he hooked her up at one of his restaurants. After I spoke to him about his line of meats he sent me enough steaks to feed an army.  Of course I prepared them all with raisins.

Andy Roddick

The star tennis player serves up a winning interview with me at Men’s Fitness in 2004. See how I used a sport appropriate idiom there? Carry on.

Steven Van Zandt

Star 2012, chatting with Steven about his new series Lillyhammer.

Curtis “Booger” Armstrong

Tracking down Curtis was a challenge but it was all worth it. Revenge of The Nerds, Risky Business, Better Off Dead. The man is a legend! And, oh yeah, here’s an interview with Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell.



The poet who once lived in a van was as sweet as cheesy grits, which I’m assuming are quite sweet.

Rachel Ray

It’s funny when you meet a celebrity for the first time and once they realize you work for Star how their smile turns to a shifty eyed stone face instantly. But once Rachel realized I wasn’t going to sand bag her she was great. Lugging those sand bags around can really wreak havoc on your back.

Jim KochSam adams 1

Sam adams 1Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 4.56.18 PM
I spent a night drinking beers and talking beers with Sam Adams creator and all around badass beer lover Jim Koch for Sly Magazine. He’s worth hundreds of millions but took a Chinatown Bus from Boston to NYC just to talk.

Heidi Klum

I spoke to the sexy supermodel at least 5 times through the years for Project Runway. Fun fact: she never remembered me!

Lena Headey

Before she was Cersei Lannister Lena was Sarah Connor and the kick ass wife of the guy from 300. I spoke to her for Direct TV Mag.

Rashida Jones

The Harvard grad had a short lived show in between The Office and Parks and  Rec so I snagged an interview with her for Direct TV.

Gavin DeGraw

A month after the singer got hit by a taxi and jumped in the city he spoke to me about how much it hurt.

Robert Iler

A month before The Sopranos finale AJ hinted at how it would all end.

Olivia Wilde

She may well be the most striking woman I’ve ever met. Other than my wife of course.

Nelly Furtado

Fun fact, she’s Canadian!

Courteney Cox

When I told her I was from Star I thought she was going to slap me but she turned out to be very cool.

Denis Leary

I interviewed Denis on four separate occasions for Rescue Me and he was always very cool and very funny. Here are two of them.

Henry Hill

The man behind Goodfellas may or may not have been drunk when I spoke to him for Ramp, but he was definitely a bit crazy. I remember having to go through an elaborate phone system to reach him. Guess he was getting some threats. Anywho, he’s dead now. RIP Hendry.

Poppy Montgomery

Fun Fact: she’s Australian! I found out while interviewing her for Direct Access.

Chris Klein

The American Pie star was one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever spoken to, like ever. He makes my college friends look like total jerks. Glad to see his career is heating up again.

Mircea Monroe

She’s the smoking hot girl on Episodes. In real life? Smoking hot and very funny. Yes I did blush while speaking with her.

Adrian Grenier

I spoke to Adrian a week before the final season of Entourage, a day that no one will remember. JK I really liked that show, for the first few seasons at least, and he was very cool. Check out the Print Clips on the site for a story I did on his enviro initiatives for My Ford mag.

Yvonne Strahovski

I still can’t pronounce her name but she’s the adorable star of Chuck, which was a really adorable show.

Blair Underwood

blair1blair2An in depth conversation with the former L.A. Law star who’s now on the new version of Ironside, for Direct Access Magazine.

Breckin Meyer

breckinThe Road Trip and Can’t Hardly Wait star spoke to me about Franklin and Bash and  about creating his own TV show based on the comings and goings of a men’s magazine. Sound familiar?

Josh Bernstein

bernie`bernie2The Archeologist turned TV host made learnin fun!

Andy Cohen

AndyA big matzoh to the Watch What Happens Live Host.

Judy Greer

judyThe comic actress’ big series lead  may have been short lived but she’s always be the topless secretary on Arrested Development to me.


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