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New Pilot: The Appening!

Check out my latest single camera comedy pilot called The Appening. Here’s the Log line, enjoy!: Failed novelist turned App developer Jim Mulligan, 25, sells his new App for billions and then surprises a select group of friends with $8 million each. But the money affects his beneficiaries —  including his down on his luck […]

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Did O.J. do it?

My Daily Mail review of the addictive new miniseries the People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. It’s a hoot! CLICK TO READ FULL STORY   SNEAK PEEK: The verdict is in: Cuba Gooding Jr.’s manic and moody portrayal of O.J. Simpson in TV’s new ‘Trial of the Century’ miniseries leaves little doubt that HE […]

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Sad Joey Votto

I don’t know if this lonely Reds player who watches the Mets Champagne soaked celebration is actually Joey Votto, but it sure looks like him. It’s kind of sad  – cause he’s alone on a shitty team watching the pure joy of clinching a division – and kind of inspiring —  he wanted to see […]

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The Factory: Empire Winner New York Screenplay Contest!

I just found out my pilot script for The Factory came in second in the New York Screenplay Contest’s TV Concept Category! I’d like to thank my parents and wife and, of course, God,  my mailman and local deli guy for making this possible. If you haven’t yet read my super cool comedy pilot […]

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Oh Boyhood!

Here’s a recent piece I wrote for the New York Daily News on the fantastic new movie Boyhood. 

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Thunderstorm Sunset

I can’t figure out if Thunderstorm Sunset is a  better name for a heavy metal band that only plays retirement communities or a retirement community for heavy metal bands. Either way this was pretty.

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Here’s a first look at the new How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met your Dad. Looks Hilarious!

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Read My New TV Pilot!

After several months of  weekend writing,  late night writing, rewriting, ripping up, going on White Out benders, sobering up and rewriting again comes my pilot for a new TV series called The Factory. It’s a workplace comedy that’s set in a NYC photo studio. Find the full  log line below, and if you’re really adventurous […]

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Me Man

I was just reading up on how Barbie doll bodies are so out of whack with what real women look like. Which is pretty messed up. It’s a good thing male dolls are so in tune with my own physique.

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Consider Henry Regarded

For some reason a lengthy and thorough discussion of Regarding Henry — which was written by JJ Abrams by the by — broke out in my office. These pictures were Googled and I think speak for themselves.

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  • Glad to see the new Jets coach #RobertSalah is a regular fella who dresses down for zoom calls like everyone else.…
    - Thursday Mar 4 - 1:15am
    - Thursday Mar 4 - 1:07am

    - Tuesday Jan 12 - 4:51am

    @BillSchulz Like most guys from the 80s suburbs she spoke like a dude from Brooklyn in the 40s. Seamless.
    - Friday May 1 - 2:08pm

    RT @kumailn: He's just so stupid. He's so breathtakingly stupid that the above statement is all it takes for every person reading this to…
    - Friday Apr 24 - 8:40pm

    @PennStateThor @Connor_J_Hughes Lol!
    - Monday Apr 20 - 10:40pm

    @BillSchulz Green like a lime or an a avocado?
    - Monday Jan 6 - 1:13pm

    @BillSchulz I brought my son to this exhibit on Saturday. Not only does it have Trump's hair but also his teeny tiny hands.
    - Tuesday Mar 12 - 5:43pm