The Avengers are Super Friends

As a child of the 80’s I was a huge fan of reruns that started in the 70’s. I’ve watched every episode of Three’s Company 15 times because we didn’t have cable and it was on constantly. SPOILER ALERT:  when Mr. Furley over-hears what he thinks is Jack was having a threesome, it’s actually Jack  struggling to put up a shelf. Another one of my favorites was the Super Friends. The simply awesome Hanna Barbara cartoon paired up my favorite superheroes (Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, The green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Wonder Twins) and pitted them against the  all time toughest villains who formed the Legion of Doom (The Joker,   Bizarro Superman,  Lex Luthor,    Mr. Mxyzptlk, Cheetah, the Riddler). So each episode was like a Superbowl of super heroes! (Note to self: trademark Superbowl of Super heroes).  Not only did I have Super Friends sheets but it was my first introduction to a sublime segue,  “Later at the Hall of Justice. Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom.”  

Which brings me to the new film The Avengers. I haven’t seen it yet but it looks awesome and is sure to be  a huge hit. But essentially it’s following the same formula as Super Friends by bringing together a who’s who of heroes (Thor, Ironman, the Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America). And yes I know there’s probably some Marvel vs. DC thing with the comic book franchises but my point is that why isn’t there  more of this?  Stallone did it with the Expendables bringing together 80’s action heroes, and while it was a bit of an explosive mess it was entertaining.  Anywho, I’m just hoping that we see more of these team efforts with cool characters. I like lone wolf stories but pack wolves’  are equally entertaining and a lot less common.


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