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I love Mad Men for all the same reasons everyone loves Mad Men, and by everyone I mean a third of the people who tune into any given episode of Jersey Shore. The characters are strange but oddly dead on, you never quite know what’s going to happen and it all eerily seems pre-ordained, like, “Yes of course Don was supposed to have a fever dream about strangling an old girlfriend and stuffing her under his bed. It makes perfect sense for his character arc and anything else would just be stupid!”  But what I love most about the show, other than the way Joan shakes her hips while walking across a wall to wall carpet, are the scenes from next week at the end of each show. They all seem so frantic and dramatic but say absolutely zero and are taken so out of context that they could be of Pete ordering a sandwich or telling Trudy he wants a divorce. They’re basically just all of the characters saying a word and it’s perfectly captured in this Dan Meth cartoon, Enjoy! 


















Bonus Fat Betty! YouTube Preview Image

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