Questions for Community’s Danny Pudi

For the uninitiated Community may be the funniest show on TV.  It’s certainly the strangest and most absurd network show  which is why it’s one of my faves.  It has been on the brink of cancellation but thankfully is coming back March 15. To celebrate I’m interviewing the pop culture obsessed uber geek  Abed (AKA Danny Pudi) on Monday for a story in Star,  and I will post the entire interview here. But if there’s anything you  would like to ask him about the  second half of the season, what’s going on at Greendale Community, what’s up with his character or the most intimate secrets in his life (which he’ll no doubt be happy to  discuss), then let me know. I’ll even use your name in the question when I ask him which will give you a mini touch of a microsecond of semi fame since a TV star will hear your name and quickly forget it. Send em in the comments!

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