Obama Mustache Conspiracy!

I liked JFK as much as the next guy, I’m looking at you acid Joe, but things have become a bit crazy with all of the right wing conspiracies today. First with the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart there’s already rumblings that he was killed by a cabal of left wing super assassin Nazi spies to silence him before he released secret videos of the President in college. FYI if anyone had any secret videos of me in college I would in fact kill them… with coolness!  Now that sheriff who makes prisoners dress like they’re starring in a silent movie has spearheaded an investigation that Obama’s birth certificate is fake. The third,  and most damaging conspiracy in this trend piece (FYI three makes a trend), is this picture I discovered of Obama with a mustache! Ok the whole point of this post was to put up this image of Obama with a mustache.

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    @BillSchulz Like most guys from the 80s suburbs she spoke like a dude from Brooklyn in the 40s. Seamless.
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    @PennStateThor @Connor_J_Hughes Lol!
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    @BillSchulz Green like a lime or an a avocado?
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    @BillSchulz I brought my son to this exhibit on Saturday. Not only does it have Trump's hair but also his teeny tiny hands.
    - Tuesday Mar 12 - 5:43pm