Nicolas Cage, spirit of the Cobra

There are so many fantastic things about this penetrating Nicolas Cage interview on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. For one thing Nicolas Cage has a pet cobra, which is totally reasonable for someone who also owns a castle, and may in fact come standard as a house warming present. But the fact that he based his Ghost Rider character on the rhythmic and seductive movements of his cobra is quite intriguing. Who could’ve possibly guessed any thought was given to his character?  Best of all is this sentence which perfectly explains —  in a simple but totally relatable  and easy to understand simile — how he tapped into the inner psyche of his character.  “I wanted him to be something like an ancient Pharaoh, that’s coming back from another dimension to wreak vengeance.” Makes sense! YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a bonus retelling on Kelly Ripa’s show. YouTube Preview Image

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