A Taste of The Hunger Games

With all of the Hunger Games frenzy going on I decided to see what the fuss was all about so I went to a screening of the young adult murder to stay alive in dystopian future movie. No it’s not this:

The Hunger games had less spandex than the Arnold sci fi action classic The Running Man but the two movies are very similar. The difference between the two is that THG (Too lazy to keep writing the title) follows a 16 year old girl who volunteers to go to the big city, get a makeover, a national TV interview and then, oh yeah, has to fight against 23 other teenagers to the death. And did I mention she may be in love with one of her fellow contestants, thus leading to the 13 year old girls obsession? OK that makes sense but isn’t the murdering teens for sport and entertainment viewing a little icky for teen girls? Yes, which is what I found somewhat off putting about the movie. Obviously the concept is horrific but when it’s Arnold and Dynamo it’s cool .

Ok maybe not as cool as I remembered but Dynamo is still a murderous killer who I think tries to rape someone so killing him is OK. But how do you show 15 year olds murdering each other without it being weird? The answer: shaky handheld cameras which make it impossible to see the actual carnage and I guess ok to bring Sally to the multiplex.  And oh yeah here’s the girl who stars as Katniss, which sounds like cat piss but has nothing to do with urinating cats.

She’s an expert bowperson who’s got a lot of balls and is easy to root for when she kills people, even though it’s too few and far between for most guys who like action movies and probably way more than most girls who like Twilight. In conclusion, this was a good movie that could’ve been an epic great movie if they went a little more crazy with the concept and pushed it to the edge. I was thinking a crazed bloody frenzy where everyone was on their own and murder was around every corner.  I give it 3 out of 4 peeing cats.



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