Matt’s Scripts

Spec Scripts

Modern Family “Coaster World”
-2012 Austin Film Festival: Second Rounder

– Click to download To prove she’s still the Alpha female in the family, Claire organizes an outing to a local theme park and gets the whole clan into trouble.

Original Pilots

The Appening “Pilot”Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.41.32 PM

-Click to download Failed novelist turned App developer Jim Mulligan, 25, sells his new App for billions and then surprises a select group of friends with $8 million each. But the money affects his beneficiaries —  including his down on his luck best bud, a party loving Wall Street pal and a police officer single mother —  in ways they could never imagine.


Bush League “Pilot”

-Click to download  Sam Wright had millions of dollars, a sexy reality star girlfriend and a party house inthe Hollywood Hills. But when his grandfather dies all he’s left with is a crappy minor league baseball team in the middle of nowhere Arkansas. Now cut off from the family fortune and up against a corrupt and sleazy  mayor who wants to steal the team, he must rely on a motley crew of wacky party loving players, a grizzled old school manager and the cute local girl who has been in charge of the team for the last few years… but hates his guts.

theFactoryThe Factory “Pilot”
2014 New York Screenwriting Contest: Empire Winner
-2014 Marquee Lights: Finalist
-2014 Pilot Launch: Quarter-Finalist

-Click to Download At New York City’s Lorenzo Studios art is a business. And in this single camera workplace comedy tough yet talented  graphic arts incubator Vincent Lorenzo lords over and parties with a group of eccentric artists, models and minor celebrities. But, when a massive debt forces Vincent to seek help from a mobbed up old friend, he just might lose everything.

4th & 15 “Pilot”
2012 Austin Film Festival: Second Rounder
2012 Fresh Voices: Quarter-Finalist

– Click to download In this comedy series NFL punter Chris McCarthy awkwardly blows the biggest game of the year. Now — despised by the fans and his teammates and on the brink of getting cut and losing everything — he befriends a rookie with a secret and enlists his recently single sister to manage his career and turn his life around.

Danger Mike “Pilot”

– Click to download Mike Dibello is a floundering young magazine writer from Brooklyn, until a thrilling experience on the subway propels him to a very dangerous career as an adventure writer in this one hour comedic drama.

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