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Randi Coppa

For eight years, Randi Coppa excelled in the technology industry for such companies as
Google, Microsoft and AOL. In her role as a Strategic Account Manager, she worked with
clients to employ creative solutions to challenges and to constantly find new ways to
market products and services. It was the perfect preparation for my real estate career,
she points out. Regardless of the challenges you face or the product you’re trying to
market, I learned that the key is listening to clients and understanding what it takes to
deliver the results they deserve.
Since deciding to follow her passion into the world of New York City real estate, Randi
hasn’t looked back. She has taken the customer service skills that she developed in
technology and adapted them to the needs of her real estate clients. With real estate being
such a major decision in a persons life, it’s especially critical to provide the support and
information clients need to make the right move, she says. This means providing best in
class service time after time, no matter the size or scope of the transaction.
Randi’s unflinching commitment to brokering the best deal for her clients is a trademark
or her success, and it’s why they feel so comfortable relying on her guidance and
Originally from Long Island, Randi earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business
Administration and Marketing from Towson University. Currently residing in Jersey City
with her husband and beagle Stella, she has lived in various parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn
and enjoys working closely with her clients all over New York City to help them uncover the
perfect home.


Address Neighborhood Bedroom(s)
145 E 15 ST, 4G Gramercy 1 Bedroom
150 W 47th, 5G Midtown West Studio


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