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It’s 1979, and a group of Midwest teens are shooting a monster movie with a Super 8 camera. Suddenly, an army freight train carrying secretive cargo from Area 51 derails in front of them. Amidst the explosive wreckage, the abandoned camera captures footage of, well, something big and bad — and definitely not from Cleveland — escaping into the night. Like in all movies shot with any camera, a government cover-up ensues. Can these spunky little Spielbergs use their forbidden film to help capture the beast and save the day?
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309B07B400000578-3418010-image-m-17_1453924038640Did O.J. Do It?

My Daily Mail review of the addictive new miniseries the People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. It’s a hoot!


3023E05D00000578-0-image-m-69_1452717163957 RHOP

Daily Mail review of the Potomac installment of the Bravo reality franchise.  Read More


Daily Mail Review of the Showtime drama starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. Read More

Behind the Scenes of Sucker Punch

If you thought action movies couldn’t get more thrilling than 300, imagine the toga-clad Spartan dudes as sexy girls wearing skimpy skirts and packing machine guns! In the new action fantasy Sucker Punch, directed by visionary Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen), you get just that. Talented (and we mean that in the most lascivious way) young actresses Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung play super-ninjas who beat the kishkas out of comic bad guys in a visual presentation that’s similar to the above mentioned graphic-novels-gone-big-screen.
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The Sounds of Fusion

If a musician is only as good as his instrument, then Detroit-based techno stars Joshua Harrison, Keith Kemp and Tom Newman are absolutely electric. Ford asked the three artists to mix sounds, chimes, hums and beats from the 2013 Fusion Energi, and each created a mesmerizing techno tune that would get any dance floor hopping.

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Top 11 Highest-scoring Advancements in Super Bowl Technology

Tuning into the biggest TV event of the year ain’t what it used to be. Check out these high-tech advancements that make viewing Super Bowl XLV a religious experience. (For people who don’t know anything about religion, of course.)
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Raw reviews: MF’s Matt Coppa critiques the latest in home entertainment, . The country’s ruffest critic, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, also pipes in with his poop-culture faves

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The Tao of TiVo

When Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay left their jobs as computer engineers in Silicon Valley, they had only a vague concept for a machine that combined a computer hard drive with a TV. That became TiVo, the world’s first digital video recorder (DVR). Since TiVo lets you watch what you want, when you want, it’s no wonder it has 1.3 million subscribers. We talked to Mike and Jim about the keys to their success.
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 When Your Date Overeats

You’re dating someone who seems like the perfect mate. The conversation flows, you two both love action-adventure flicks and rowing on warm spring days. But there’s a problem: Every time you go out for a nice dinner, your special someone gorges on the basket of sourdough rolls (with lots of butter), a big old bowl of fettuccine alfredo and can’t resist the flourless chocolate cake for dessert—only to moan about it the next day. You’re a health-conscious type of person and just can’t watch this scene anymore, but how to bring it up—“Honey, are you sure you really want the cheesecake tonight?” or “Do you know that pasta has about 1000 calories?” You know the only way to preserve their waist—and your sanity—is to speak up, but how can you do it without a bucket of fried chicken in your face?
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Cristie Kerr Interview

Meet Cristie Kerr, 26, a blue-eyed blonde who’s ripping the dimples off golf balls with her devastating drives.
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Raw reviews: senior editor Matt Coppa opines on the latest in home entertainment. But he’s short. So we asked 7’5″ NBA All-Star center Yao Ming, who is also the author of Yao: A Life in Two Worlds, for his faves.
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Watching America’s pastime has come a long way since sped-up and grainy black-and-white newsreel footage made Babe Ruth look like a big, fat mechanical rabbit on mescaline on the base paths. Read More

Ford Family Cars

Whether you’re taking a father-son road trip, dropping the kids off at baseball practice, or seeing your teenage daughter grab the car keys for the first time, every family wants to know their car comes with a few essential features. Read More

 main3769The Art of the Gym Date

A article on how to properly hook up at the gym. It’s hot! Because gym’s tend to be warm. Read More

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