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  • Easiest job in the world? A comedian for millennials. Steal and repeat jokes from 10 years ago and they'll be in awe of your new material!
    - Friday Feb 24 - 3:15pm

    Zach's 10 months old! When I said he was "standing" he made a poopie face, guess he doesn't appreciate air quotes.
    - Tuesday Dec 13 - 1:15am

    RT @BillSchulz: So incapable of calming down/enjoying Alaska's splendor. But at least @LaurenSivan is ADD adorable.
    - Tuesday Sep 27 - 3:10am

    Thanks everyone so much for all of the birthday love! My fantasticness is all because of you!
    - Tuesday Sep 27 - 3:10am

    @BillSchulz thanks! I can't wait for my son to vomit in it. Cause other than smile that's pretty much all he's good for right now
    - Friday Sep 16 - 5:17am

    RT @BillSchulz: Saved this Mets Lunchbox Night thing for @Coppasetic years before he made a son. Now? They're mostly retired.…
    - Friday Sep 16 - 5:14am

    @BillSchulz so If i haven't said it before, stay away!!
    - Friday Sep 16 - 5:03am

    @BillSchulz rough is having your calls scrapped with a wire brush. Being a Jets fan is using razor wire. But balls are always involved
    - Friday Sep 16 - 4:59am