I love New York for a ton of different reasons, but I’m also quite partial to Los Angeles. It gets a bad rap but I find it very laid back and beautiful, and despite some douchey types, and you’ll find those everywhere, I find the people quite lovely. But there’s something about this epic live New Year’s Eve telecast from local Hollywood station KDOC that screams everything that’s bad about LA. Watch it and you will see:

-A plump and coked out Jamie Kennedy cursing, rambling and making extremely bad off-color vagina jokes.
-Delays,  stage management screwups, and straight up bad producing that led me to believe everyone who worked on the show either blew the producers, were related to them, or were themselves coked up, probably a bit of all three.
-A  co-host who is so over the top in his delivery that it’s obvious he sees this as a big stepping stone to one day attaining his dream of working the red caret at the Oscars for E! And then realizing how sad that dream really is.
-Shannon Elizabeth so excited about… What? We’ll never know because a Carl’s Junior commercial pops in out of nowhere.
– A random busty Spanish woman who has clearly attempted to memorize patter about green energy who also gets inexcplicably cut off.
-Some dude blurting out “motherfucker,” who’s standing right next to his actual mother.
-Macy Gray high as a kite and sounding like my dyslexic cousin singing karaoke.
-And, of course, the on stage fight that ended the whole shebang before going to silence.


YouTube Preview Image
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