Bob Odenkirk Talks Saul

I interviewed Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk about the new season of the ridiculously good show returning this week. He was awesome and I was pretty giddy considering he’s the Bob from  Mr. Show With Bob and David, probably the most brilliant sketch show ever made. Well I guess  my adoration came through because after I sent him the story that ran in Star he actually checked out this here site and thanked me for posting the Taint Magazine sketch from the show.  Here’s the actual correspondance:

Great article
and thanks for posting TAINT
I directed that!
Yeah thats right mother fuckers! Anywho, as promised here’s the entire interview I did with Bob. Enjoy.

Matt: How much Bob is in Saul?

Bob: It’s all on the page.  I just find it and play it. I‘ve done a lot of writing and comedy, but I promise you every word I say is on the page.  Every word.

Matt: How was Saul described to you when you took the role?

Bob: I called Vince and he goes he’s a sleazy lawyer, and I go I can do that. And then he goes his name is Saul Goodman and I go whoa whoa whoa just so you know I’m not Jewish. My kids are Jewish, my wife is Jewish, but I’m not Jewish.  He goes he’s not Jewish; he just changed his name to appeal to the gangsters and homeboys.  He’s Irish.  I said oh good I’m half Irish I can do that.

Matt: How would you describe Saul’s style? 

Bob: He looks like a clown including the colors of his suits, clown colors. If a clown wore a suit, that’s what he’d wear. He knows how to manipulate the system and keep his clients out of court essentially.  They never go to court.

Matt: How has Saul’s relationship changed with Walter? Bob: Well, I had everything at arms length.  Saul Did.  This whole mysterious activity was kept at arms length and I was just the lawyer. I  didn’t want heat about what he was doing. As the show has progressed Saul has been dragged in to the dark end of this activity and he really doesn’t want to go there. The whole point of this was he was going to stand back and manipulate the situation and make a lot of money. But he is in it now and he wants out, but he’s past the point of getting out.  He’s scared of Walt and he should be. Walt is really transformed.  He’s a pretty awful guy now.  So Saul is not just out to make a lot of money, he’s out to stay a live.  His self-interest is a little more empathetic.  I guess watch him protect himself and watch him wheedle his way out of a straight jacket. And I hope he gets out by the way.

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