Nick Offerman Wood Man

YouTube Preview ImageI had to watch this twice before realizing it’s 100% real and not a bit. If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation you love Nick Offerman’s man’s man character Ron Swanson. Well it turns out Nick doesn’t just play a man on TV, he’s also more of a man in his real life than I’d be if I killed a bear with my hands while installing a toilet. He’s a professional woodworker, who builds everything from tables to canoes with large slabs of wood using custom made tools in a huge hangar sized workshop. Where does he get his huge slabs of wood? “I always tell people that all over the country there’s somebody with a chainsaw or a tree service or some of the guys at the lumber yard will know a local guy  who mills up pieces.” Great tip! Despite barely knowing how to hang a picture, I found this video mesmerizing. Enjoy!

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