Tebow or not Tebow?

As a long suffering Jets fan this Tebow thing doesn’t make much sense, they have a host of needs on offense including O-line and wide receiver that are more pressing. However, it’s not the end of the world either and as I’m listening to Mike Francesa rail against the trade I’m finally realizing what a self righteous blowhard he is. Tebow will basically be a glorified Brad Smith, a backup QB who can run the wildcat who will  have opposing teams spending one day of the week preparing for. He’s a nice complimentary piece who can also be a backup fullback and RB who isn’t going to start  as QB and who Jets fans will never want to start regardless of what Francesca says. In fact getting Tebow basically guarantees that Sanchez won’t have to worry about getting benched so his psyche should be fine.  Everybody calm the F down! Now leave me be as I go off to pray. 

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