Fat, drunk and stupid

Trends usually come in threes so what’s going on with reality TV these days is closer to an epidemic. Of course I’m talking about series that revolve around Italians from the tri-state area who are obnoxiously loud, pathetic and uneducated  and spew out stupidity  to entertain the rest of the world.  The latest to enter the who’s more proud to be loud genre are Brooklyn 11223 and Mama’s Boys of the Bronx. They join the esteemed ranks of Mob Wives and of course the Jersey division which includes Real Housewives of New Jersey JerseyliciousJersey Shore and  Jersey Couture. I guarantee you someone is now working on a South Brooklyn Pawn  show as well as Jersey City Dolls show, about little Jersey guidettes in Jon Benet type beauty pageants. As A Brooklyn born and raised Italian American, with a splash of Maltese, I’m not quite offended by these shows but more like embarrassed. Many of my friends and family are loud and obnoxious but that doesn’t mean we’re proud of it.  Still, I guess it beats being from Ohio. Now that’s a spicy meatball!

Oh! We’re unemployed and live in our mom’s basements! Oh!

Three girls on one side, three girls on the other. Makes sense!

We don’t kill people, we just proudly wear the furs our husbands stole from your dead grandparents.


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