Bensonhurst Spelling Bee

Growing up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn was tough, and by tough I don’t mean that you were constantly in danger of getting jumped and having the shit kicked out of you, that was a given. No by tough I mean I always had a problem with the correct pronunciation of certain words, specifically food. While it came easy for some of my more guniea-ish  cugines (TRANSLATION: VERY ITALIAN COUSINS AND OR FRIENDS) for me, despite a “Hey Mistah” Brooklyn kid accent I could never wrap my brain around saying the Muzadel, Projute, Gabagool and other meats and cheeses. While this video may be mildly offensive and disparaging to Bensonhurst Italians at least it speaks to me.  And I’ll always be proud that at least in that little corner of Brooklyn the people hold onto their traditions and way of speaking. Anywho,before I get any more agita you gavons enjoy this video. Salut!

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