Oh, hi there. I almost didn’t see you, but right now I’m staring at you through your computer. Anywho, thanks for checking out my new website and blog. Here you can find all things Matt Coppa-ana including my writing clips, resume, bio and the TV scripts I wrote in my quest to become a TV writer. Please let me know what you think but only if you like it. Enjoy!

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Here’s a first look at the new How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met your Dad. Looks Hilarious! congressional-cemetary-tombstones-1

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Read My New TV Pilot!

After several months of  weekend writing,  late night writing, rewriting, ripping up, going on White Out benders, sobering up and rewriting again comes my pilot for a new TV series called The Factory. It’s a workplace comedy that’s set in a NYC photo studio. Find the full  log line below, and if you’re really adventurous you can read the whole darn thing. It’s only 37 pages, you can do it… if you’re pure of heart and not pure of doodie, of course. Enjoy!

The Factory Pilot -COPPA.joegClick To Download

At New York City’s Lorenzo Studios art is a business, and studio owner Vincent Lorenzo is as brilliant at photography as he’s adept at being a boss. In this single camera workplace comedy he lords over and parties with a group of eccentric artists, models and minor celebrities including: Gloria a newly sober fashion photog, Jim a failed TV writer turned blogger and Claire a sexy young designer. But, when a massive debt forces Vincent to seek help from a mobbed up old friend, he just might lose everything.

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Me Man

I was just reading up on how Barbie doll bodies are so out of whack with what real women look like. Which is pretty messed up. It’s a good thing male dolls are so in tune with my own physique.review_motuc1_1

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Consider Henry Regarded

For some reason a lengthy and thorough discussion of Regarding Henry — which was written by JJ Abrams by the by — broke out in my office. These pictures were Googled and I think speak for themselves.Unknownregarding-henry
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Super Exciting Site Update!

Hey guys, on this hazy Labor Day I decided to do some laboring on my site and updated it with a bunch of old print clips and celeb interviews I’ve done over the past few years. Here’s just a few of the exciting stories of mine that you can read now. You’re welcome America.   elviscoverStar trek coverbreckin


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Kanye cheated on Kim!!!

Check out my appearance on OMG Insider where I discuss the delicate politics of Sunni and Shia in Iraq… JK! I actually chime in on Star’s story about Kayne West cheating on Kim Kardashian with a French Canadian model. If you look closely in my eyes you may see yourself as they’re quite glassy. But in my defense I found out about the appearance a half hour before I was taped, not the night before when I had a few scotches during dinner. Enjoy!

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How Memes Get Made!

It’s finally here, the harrowing story behind how the worlds’ fastest growing memes beagling, labradoodling and beagle-doodling came into existence!

YouTube Preview Image
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Beagle-doodling is coming!

The super exciting  combination of beagling and labradoodling is hotter than ever, but how did it start? Coming soon, the thrilling new true story of how this controversial new meme was made!





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Talking about Hot young girls*

My latest Foxnews.com Appearance. I delve into young stars who feel the need to take on edgy roles to benefit their careers.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 1.16.10 PM Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 1.16.10 PM Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 1.16.10 PM

* I only headlined this to get more hits. Sorry Earl49@aol!


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I’m on Fox talking bout celebrities

My appearance on  Foxnews.com’s 411 where I discuss Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgery. If you look closely my faces changes 17 unique shades of red!

YouTube Preview Image

Please click on this link for video plus audio!



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  • You're never too old to do one armed pushups in a bar, but that doesn't mean you don't look like a dick if you do it #igotdrunklastnight
    - Wednesday Apr 16 - 5:47pm

    Scene from the upcoming HIMYM spinoff How I met your father http://t.co/owkLpZett8 via @sharethis
    - Tuesday Apr 1 - 10:40pm

    Check out my latest TV Pilot,The Factory, it’s a comedy set in a zany NYC photo studio. Yes zany! http://t.co/kYzXMcF31P via @sharethis
    - Thursday Mar 20 - 2:15am

    I was just reading how Barbie doll bodies are so out of whack. Glad male dolls are so in tune with my physique. http://t.co/KgOzhpi9XE
    - Thursday Mar 6 - 9:45pm

    Maybe it's time I got a beard transplant.
    - Tuesday Feb 25 - 11:00pm

    I find this both hilarious and sad at the same time, just like I find most clowns! http://t.co/C8ddg7skjA via @newser
    - Monday Feb 17 - 11:13pm

    True Detective, The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey all on the same time but only two DVR inputs! #Whiteboyproblems.
    - Monday Feb 17 - 1:04am

    walking into my steaming hot office from the street makes my face feel like a frozen chicken breast getting thawed out in a microwave.
    - Thursday Jan 30 - 3:56pm